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Biofootprints is a not-for-profit society which aims at science promotion and popularization in the society,  specifically  bringing  science  to the general  public, disseminating scientific knowledge and fostering a scientific way of thinking among common people.  

It also aims to advance state-of-the-art science through a forum that promotes communication, cooperation, and collaboration among basic and clinical researcher through  conferences, workshops and networking opportunities through databases.

 It seeks to conduct philanthropic activities such as helping out poor students who need financial help and setting up medical camps in areas where medical aid is limited.

Are you a scientist or doctor and wish to inspire young ones  with your inspiring story? Are you a science student who is either pursuing or has finished your degree and wish to connect with motivating leaders? Did you always have a passion for science popularization in the society? Do you seek to enlighten minds with lectures about your work? Then register in Biofootprints and reach out to us at : 

What's New Sands of Time Guiding Light

Watson Crick Young Investigator Award

Biofootprints Awards 2022

Webinar: Drug Discovery: Roots and Wings

Result of Essay Competition "My Life in Covid"



"Sands of Time" series showcases the life journeys of scientists and doctors who have left their footprints on the shifting sands of immortal time.

  1. # Dr Asad U Khan

  2. # Dr Ashutosh Sharma

  3. # Dr Pankaj Garg

  4. # Dr Suphiya Khan

  5. # Dr Shandar Ahmad

"Guiding Light" series showcases the popular lectures of exemplary scientists and doctors 

# Writing Projects for Research Grants (Dr SK Varshney)

#Combination therapy and Pharmacodynamics (Dr Swaroop Pandey)